GUIDE came to be on the Gandhi Jayanthi day of 1985. It was the out come of the common thinking of some fresh post graduates, professional social workers, social researchers and leaders from the villages.

The main objective of GUIDE is to ensure that the women who are empowered and become the leaders of their villages so that the vulnerability state of them could be brought to an end.


A gender just society where the women have the Knowledge, Capacity, Rights and Freedom to participate equally with men in the governance of the society


• Enhance the capacities of the most disadvantaged communities, especially the women, as decision makers and actors in the selection, planning and implementation of their own development and that of the communities.
• Increase the participation of the marginalised communities, especially women in decision making at local, regional and national level and thus be part of the process of initiation of good governance and development of civil societies.
Ensure that the women are able to struggle and get social, cultural, economic, political and cultural equality.

Main Objectives

Support women who are marginalised and remain vulnerable and make them confident.
• Ensure that the women have economic rights at all level – village to the nation.
• Enable women to participate in village, state and national politics and make important strategic decisions.
• Ensure that the women are able to stop physical and mental harassments.