GUIDE aims at helping women, girl children and trans persons of marginalized communities such as dalit, tribal, fisher and urban poor in Tamilnadu to have access to justice and resources to establish the right to life, livelihood, dignity and safety and increase their participation in public life and improve socio, political, economic and cultural wellbeing.


A gender-just society where women, girl children and transpersons have the knowledge, capacity, experience and freedom to participate equally with men in the governance of that society.


  1. To enhance the capacities of the most disadvantaged women and trans persons as decision-makers and actors in the selection, planning and implementation of their development and that of the communities.
  2. To increase the participation of women and trans persons in decision-making at local, regional and national levels and thus be part of the process of initiation of good governance and development of civil societies
  3. To ensure women, girl children and trans persons have the needed knowledge and capacity to protect themselves from all forms of violence – domestic, at institutions and in public places and have the confidence to face crises.