Every year GUIDE celebrated International Women’s Day since 1986. GUIDE always celebrated it as rural women’s day, in which women would could spell out their problems and demand action by the government. From issues of single women or issues of women of a given area, GUIDE, over the past twenty years, has become an organisation that promotes advocacy campaigning at the state level and uses the day for such purpose.

Since 1995, GUIDE also leads the small NGOs in the region to celebrate International Rural Women’s Day. Since March 8th is already been celebrated by GUIDE as rural women’s day, GUIDE proposed it to be celebrated as Rural dalit, adivasi and fisher women Day. It used it as a day focusing on the need to make the common resources of the rural areas as to be under priority access by them.

Since 1995, GUIDE has lead campaign on violence against women, starting on Nov 26th and ending up on Dec 10th. Every year, the GUIDE team worked along with other NGO / women’s federations and conducted educational programme in various towns of their project area, spread over in the 5 northern districts of Tamilnadu. The continuous campaigning over a decade has gained recognition among the common public. In 2006, GUIDE was called to lead a VAW study among the coastal communities as part of a campaign.